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ROSU LUP (Record Release Show!)

Dirty Dollhouse, Julia Rainer

Thursday, November 14
Show | 8pm // Doors | 7pm

21+ Only

Rosu Lup

Drawing on elements of orchestral instrumentation, electronic, ethereal, and folk sounds, Rosu Lup’s music is as unique as the origin of their name — which is Romanian for “red wolf.” The duo’s new album, The Ranger, works through difficult phases of life and finds them discovering hope along the way. Lead single “What You Need” which premiered with Substream Magazine, the outlet noting that it’s “a deeply nuanced, beautiful track that will have listeners thinking about it for a long time.”

“‘What You Need’ is a mosaic of sorts…” the band says. “The song itself explores the working out of a marriage that was dissolving, and the realization that it was what both individuals needed to move forward in life. We can’t expect ourselves to be all things to all people, and that’s ok.”

Rosu Lup’s second full-length album, The Ranger, was recorded between Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Drummer and producer James McAlister (Sufjan Stevens, The National) collaborated on the collection, performing drums, keys, and synth, to create a broader and more artistic music endeavor. “What You Need” explores a necessary ending, while “Young Love” reminisces on the past. “Come Back Home” explains how family is found in more than a building or a place, but the people in it.

Jonathan Stewart and Josh Marsh met in late 2013 and formed what would become Rosu Lup. They independently released a pair of EP’s, and recorded their first full-length record, Is Anything Real, at Miner Street Recordings in Philadelphia. There they collaborated with producers Brian McTear and Jonathan Low, as well as songwriter and producer Lou Rogai.

Dirty Dollhouse

Dirty Dollhouse is the retro/folk/pop music of singer-songwriter Chelsea Mitchell with accompaniment by a rotating cast of Philly’s best and brightest. The group’s signature sound comes from century-spanning influences, confessional lyrics, and layers of harmony.

“Singer songwriter seems too generic a label for show starter Chelsea Mitchell, but her vocals deserve more spotlight than simply deeming her folk. Instantly, with the help of backing singers Amber Twait and Vanessa Winters (her sisters in Dirty Dollhouse), the room was gracefully filled with lived-in harmonies, a compliment to her earnest a Capella peaks.” – Alexandra Fletcher, Tri State Indie.

Julia Rainer

Julia Rainer sings her truth. With a foundation of love, loss, grief, depression, anxiety, alcoholism, recovery, and awakening, she has a strong belief in honesty, compassion, and the wisdom of experience. Inspired by those who have come before her—Hank Williams, Odetta, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Nico, Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley, Tom Verlaine, and Jenny Lewis—she seeks to make music that empathizes. Raw guitar playing, simple folk song structure, and soulful, hauntingly sung lyrics define her sound. Sometimes compared to Hope Sandoval, Sinead O’Connor, Cat Power, and Alanis, Julia finds herself in good company.

Julia has quickly found a foothold in the now-flooded Philadelphia music scene. Her new album “Spirits,” out September 15th via Creep Records (digital, CD, Cassette), is the culmination of her tireless work on her craft through her years of trials and tribulations. Spirits is both devastating and hopeful with an honestly that excludes any pretentiousness. Julia Rainer bares her soul and new fans at her shows find a deep comfort in both the way the lyrics relate to them and the way the songs commiserate with those that feel or have felt lost for any reason throughout their lives. Everything that is found in speaking with Julia for a moment shows in her music: kindness, empathy and compassion. It is no wonder that Philadelphia wants Julia Rainer to succeed. It is the best compliment to an artist, that their fans believe it to be truly important that others hear their message. Spirits is one of those albums. Julia Rainer is one of those artists.