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Colleen Green plays selections from Blink 182's 'Dude Ranch'


Free Weed, Unkle Funkle

Saturday, January 04
Show | 8pm // Doors | 7pm

21+ Only

Colleen Green

West Coast songwriter/solo artist Colleen Green developed from weed-obsessed, Ramones-informed lo-fi pop blasts into only moderately more mature material throughout her first ten years of performing. Her self-recorded early tapes like 2010’s Milo Goes to Compton were breezy, melodic punk backed by simple drum machine beats, but she retained her lighthearted spirit as her music grew more refined on 2015’s I Want to Grow Up.

A Massachusetts native, Green moved to Oakland, California in 2008 with a handful of close friends. Once there, she and her friends formed the Full House House, a live music venue run out of their living room. Green also began working on her own songs at this point, armed with nothing more than a guitar and a drum machine. The gritty, sweet, irrepressibly fun tunes nodded to girl-dominated indie pop acts (Helen Love, the All Girl Summer Fun Band, and Cub are all good touchstones), the Ramones (one of her early tracks was called “I Wanna Be Degraded”), and pop-punk acts like blink-182. She quickly self-recorded and released a CD-R EP, 4 Loko 2 Kayla (a reference to her housemate and friend Kayla), and a cassette tape, Milo Goes to Compton, in 2010. The releases made waves among indie music bloggers, and Green was picked up by Hardly Art Records before the year was out. Her debut single on that label, Green One (with cover art featuring Kayla and Green), was released in early 2011. The Cujo single followed later that year, and in 2012, Art Fag re-released Milo on LP. Her debut full-length album, Sock It to Me, was released in early 2013 by Hardly Art. For her next effort, Green recorded in a studio in Nashville with JEFF the Brotherhood’s Jake Orrall producing. 2015’s I Want to Grow Up also featured Orrall on guitar and Diarrhea Planet’s Casey Weissbuch on drums. The next year a self-titled EP was released as a limited-edition cassette on the Infinity Cat label. The cassettes sold out quickly, and a few years later, the label re-released the material on LP with additional bonus tracks as Casey’s Tape/Harmontown Loops. In the summer of 2019, Green finally fulfilled a longtime dream of hers, covering blink-182’s 1997 album Dude Ranch in its entirety. The concept album found Green rearranging all the songs to be played only on bass guitar. This lo-fi reimagination of the pop punk classic, appropriately titled “Dude Ranch” by Blink-182 as Played by Colleen Green, was released by Burger Records in the summer of 2019. ~ Margaret Reges, Rovi

Free Weed

Free Weed is the alias of Rikky Gage, founder of the Gnar Tapes label and singer of the bands The Memories and White Fang.




Unkle Funkle

Unkle Funkle is a Los Angeles based composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist known for his surreal approach to writing, producing, and performing his vast, cross-genre catalog of original pop music as well as his covers of hit-songs ranging from Celine Dion to Queen and Colleen Green, with whom Unkle Funkle recently produced a new EP for Infinity Cat Records. A music scholar having studied at Berklee College of Music and the University of Oregon, Unkle Funkle brings a classical training in voice, composition, and guitar to the table while still maintaining an outsider aesthetic and freak-ingenuity.

As lead guitarist for Chunk-Rockers White Fang and their sister band The Memories, Funkle has toured extensively across North America, Europe, The United Kingdom, and Australia alongside world-class acts such as The Thermals, The Growlers, The Coathangers, YACHT, togetherPangea, Gap Dream and more.